Step 1 – Measure what Matters

Each candidate and job in our database has been carefully profiled and assessed on key characteristics using industry proven methodologies.

altFor any given job, candidates need to have the necessary Cognitive Aptitudes to deliver quality results as per the employer's requirements and standards. We present and assess key aptitudes that are not easily captured or measured in resumes or online profiles.

altCandidates need to fit well within the team they are joining in order to leverage and fully take advantage of the synergies that each team member brings. This characteristic looks at candidates' personality and assesses whether they have the Behavioral Aptitudes to make a difference.

altFinally, we believe that the Cultural Fit is of utmost importance as it ensures that employees are engaged and working towards a common goal. It is only when employees share the organization's goals can a corporation reap financial success and be a market leader.


Step 2 – The 3 views of Matching

At the heart of hironomy's recruitment app is a revolutionary and innovative algorithm that takes the results of these unique characteristic requirements to match employers with job seeking candidates. We do this by computing 3 fit scores which provide a detailed view of the candidate and employer's compatibility across specific views:

  • Jobseeker-to-Organization
  • Jobseeker-to-Team
  • Jobseeker-to-Job

Step 3 – The Jobseeker-to-Environment Score


The 3 fit scores identified previously are then combined to produce an compatibility view of jobseekers and jobs on the overall working environment. The Jobseeker-to-Environment (J2E) score is presented graphically

Step 4 – The Hironomous Fit


Finally, we have produced the Hironomous fit. On one hand, jobseekers are presented with opportunities to work for a company that shares their values, values their talent & ambitions and offers them with opportunities to grow professionally.

And on the other, organizations hire and engage candidates who share their corporate values to make a positive contribution and grow their business. That's a win-win scenario and the equilibrium we are trying to achieve.